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Hello! I am an illustrator and designer living in Seattle, Washington. 
I lived in Milan, Italy for two years and as much as I loved the landscape, art, design and fashion - it was Italy's commitment to Slow Food (unprocessed/cooked with love) and its intense passion for gathering (Aperitivo!) that sparked my curiosity the most. 
My foundation is design and it informs all that I create. A harmony of purpose, passion and beauty (relatable and inviting). 
Play, humor, humility and being grounded are part of my mindset.  I like my work to invite the customer, client and viewer in and allow them to wonder. 
What sparks joy for me is dependent on the season, cherries, flowers, heirloom tomatoes in Summer, Apples in the Fall, Persimmons and Pomegranate in Winter, Asparagus in the Spring. The natural world, always. 
I am always looking to work with joyful people who promote products and ideas that are meaningful. Passion is contagious and I love being a part of it
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