Valerie Fayette / Director of Marketing and Communications / Saké One
As a former co-worker of Lisa’s at Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, I know her design talent is superb! So good, that as a marketing and brand executive, I have continued to use her design skills in almost every company I’ve been since then. Lisa is collaborative throughout the creative process, listening to her clients and asking thoughtful questions. Her designs range from elegant to whimsical to contemporary and are always excellent. I appreciate Lisa’s attention to the creative process and to all details, both large and small. Her design concepts are original and always impress. Throughout the years I’ve come back to her again and again. Lisa is a trusted designer and someone I truly enjoy as a person and as an artist.
Ben Viscon / Winemaker / Owner / Viscon Cellar
Lisa has been the back bone in rebranding efforts for my winery, Viscon Cellars. We began working together in 2015, as I felt my newly launched winery needed a visual brand boosting. At our first meeting she was able to talk me through what to consider in building brand consistency across all customer and industry touch points. We now have a brand tool kit that we build on as needs arise.
She has created countless wine labels for me, also created media placements, website, email and point of sale assets representing my brand consistently and clearly.
Lisa understands that imagery and voice need to grab the attention of the consumer and help them engage.
I have so many people who comment on our wine labels and how they draw you in and help create a familiarity and a comfort in our wines and winery tasting room, I owe that to Lisa!
She is easy to work with and efficient with my time and her time, always gives me multiple options and the reasons why behind them.
She is an amazing partner in my business. I couldn't be more thankful for her in the success of my business.
Jessica Gleeson / CEO International / Brighter Beauty / Disney / Starbucks
Knowing Lisa's work from previous roles, she was the designer I reached out to develop the logos and brand standards for two different brands. One a global consulting firm doing business in China and the second a China based gender neutral beauty brand. In both cases, we were starting with a blank piece of paper. Lisa was able to cohesively translate the vision and spirit of the brands we were trying to create into a visual story that amplified the brands' aspirations. Lisa's portfolio reflects her ability to work across a variety of styles and visual languages. Personally, I have always appreciated her deft hand when it comes to selecting fonts and working with letters to create the perfect logos that can translate from signage to packaging to social media. I respect her work enough to recommend her services to several of my clients. Those that have worked with her have been delighted with the outcome and returned to her for additional projects. The strengths section will only allow me to select one strength, so I will selected my favorite part about working with Lisa, the collaborative process we use. That said, she's is also extremely well organized, productive and strategic in helping you bring your vision together in a creative way. Hope you get the chance to work with her.
Jo Vale / Owner / Body Lab Milano / Milan, Italy
Lisa designed our new logo, we absolutely love it!
The whole process from her initial thought provoking questions, her consideration of our ideas and the evolution of all of this into our wonderful new logo was an enjoyable collaboration.
I would recommend Lisa, she is a great designer, professional, prompt and reliable. 
Michele Rennie / Director of Marketing and Communications 
Lisa is a top-notch creative developer who specializes in wine marketing. We worked together at Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and I later hired her for numerous design projects at Columbia Winery such as logo treatments, newsletter and website templates, branding and illustration. Lisa understands the corporate review process which makes her open to adapting her designs to meet the varied requirements of each tier. Her work is always complete, on time and she keeps her eye on the budget. For all our projects together, she has provided a timeline and keeps to it. Her taste level is high and balanced with a pragmatic outlook on matching the product to the client. I recommend Lisa highly as someone who is both easy to work with and will deliver superior marketing products.
Michelle Gutsch / Graphic Designer / Artist
Lisa was my co-worker at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery for over four years. I found her to be a talented designer and was inspired by the elegance and sophistication of her work. Lisa's communication skills are impressive also. She is well-spoken, tactful and professional -- as well as warm-hearted and fun to work with. It is my pleasure to recommend her.